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harry fairfax

Harry is the heir to one of the oldest Dukedom’s in the United Kingdom. He’s been groomed to inherit his father’s title and the hugely successful farm and food business run on their estate. He’s no stranger to heartbreak, and has thrown himself into his work to try and put his troubles behind him. 

Despite his love of order and consistent, when the woman of his dreams turns out to be the biggest challenge he’s ever encountered, he jumps into her chaos head first. 


Books he appears in

Best for Last 

All for Love





1.) how do you feel about inheriting your father’s title

I hate that question. I don’t like to think about my father dying and in this day and age, I don’t see why titles even matter. But I do understand that when he dies, the responsibility for my family’s legacy and future will fall into my hands. I love this estate, and feel honored that I can help protect and grow it.  


2.) what would you do if you weren’t the heir?

I’d still be here. I love what we do. I love finding new ways to create products that people want and love and to keep our little hamlet full of happily employed people and tourists. Maybe I wouldn’t be so worried about continuing our line so that this estate can stay in the family, but that doesn’t feel like the worst hardship.

3.) Do you have any pets?

I don’t own any personally. I travel too much and it wouldn’t be fair to have an animal who needed me always left with my parents or a boarded. The estate has dogs that are herders, hunters, and a few of the staff have them for companion. I get to enjoy them without having to worry about taking care of them. 


4.) what’s something you detest that most people seem to like?

I decline to answer that. Last time I mentioned I didn’t like cheese, I got hate mail from all over the world. 


5. ) what’s your relationship like with your siblings?

I love my siblings fiercely. My twin and I have never been close but remain connected. Does that make sense.

Lilly H.png

lillian hassan

Lillian Hassan is the middle of the three sisters who appear in The Symbols Series. Mysterious, guarded, and wounded Lilly is a complicated, slightly aloof until she knows you well, and very loving. 

She’s a freelance cyber security investigator and lives a nomadic and private life. She loves to travel to places where no one knows her and uses aliases as a matter of practice. 


Books she appears in

Main character

Best for Last

Secondary Character 

Then Came You

Still the One



1.)Why did you become a cyber detective?

I wanted to help people avoid heartache by making sure they knew exactly who they were getting into business with, marrying, having kids with, etc. People only show you what they want you to know - but digital footprints always tell the truth. 


2.) What do you do to entertain yourself? 

I expose perverts and racists on twitter.  It’s the most satisfying fun I’ve had. 


3.) What is your idea of a really fun time? 

Being somewhere that comes with zero expectations. Where every day is an adventure of my own making. Schedules ruin everything.


4.) What do you consider to be your most admirable personal quality? 

I call it like I see it - if you want to hear the truth, ask me. I’ll never lie to you. And I’m the friend that will make sure you never step out with a camel toe or spinach in your teeth. 


5. ) where would you live if you could live anywhere?

I’d live close to the water, in a place where it’s warm most of the time and where it rains enough that I don’t have to water my yard. And where there are no snakes. I hate snakes.

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