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Mansion at Dusk

the jezebel

rivers wilde

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Regan Wilde is my destiny.

And what fate has brought together, no man - or scandal - can separate. 

After years of playing the trophy, puppet, perfectionist,

I've forgotten who I am. 

A heartbreaking loss takes me to the deserts of Baja…

There, like an oasis in the middle of the my harsh reality, 

Stone Rivers walks back into my life. 

The small boy I'd known has become a man.

He's built like a god, handsome as sin, dangerously charming.

When he offers me a taste of his forbidden fruit, I

I know it's a bad idea. 

But our combustible chemistry shatters my resolve. 

In his eyes, I see the woman I might have been 

if I'd been allowed to choose love over duty. 

In a different life, our love would have outshone the sun itself.

A well timed reality check reminds me that, in this life, 

loving this man is a scandal in the making.

Stone won't let me have the final say on us.

He wants a chance to make it right. 

To make us right.

But is love enough to overcome all the obstacles in our way?

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