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Mansion at Dusk

the daredevil

rivers wilde

“I dare you to let me watch.”

It was the most wicked of propositions.

He was the most devilish of men…

And my soon to be boss. 

I’d be crazy to say yes. 

And a fool to say no.


Rich, restless, and reckless, - Tyson Wilde is the kind of danger I’ve sworn to avoid.  

The offer he makes me -  no limits, no strings, no regrets -  is the kind I know is too good to be true.

On any other night, in any other city, and if he’d been even a fraction less mouthwatering, I might have been able to say no.  

is wearing a suit like it’s his job, has a killer smile, and oozes spine- tingling sex appeal.  

And despite years of trying to be good, I’m a sinner at heart.  


He gives me a night I’ll never forget...and one I’ll always regret.  


Because no matter how right our real kisses feel, 

We’re only pretending to be lovers to land this deal…

It doesn’t matter that he seems to understand me better than anyone ever has - 

There are some secrets I can’t ever share. 

And lies I’ve told he won’t forgive. 


Falling in love with him was the danger I never saw coming,

And it could cost me everything. 

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