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tyson wilde

Tyson Wilde is the youngest child of Tina and Lucas Wilde. Born six months after his father’s death, and considered the runt of the litter until he hit puberty, Tyson has a bit of a chip on his shoulder. He wants to prove he’s more than a chip off the old block, and wants to prove to his mother that he can fill the role his brother spurned.  He’s got tunnel vision when it comes to his future and creates dating like task on his to do list. Until he meets his match in Dina who rattles his composure and makes him want things he shouldn’t. He’s got a competitive streak and can’t say no to a challenge. 


Books he appears in:


Main Character

The Daredevil

The Gathering

Secondary Character

The Legacy

The Legend

The Jezebel

Q & A


1.) what’s your idea of happiness?

Success after leaving everything I’ve got on the field of life. I love being exhausted from doing something big, challenging, and innovative. 

2.) what’s something you could never grow tired of reading about?

History. I love learning about the social and political histories of the countries I visit. I’m fascinated by how it always seems to repeat itself. 


3.) how do you think your friends would describe you?


Intense, competitive, ride or die, low maintenance. 


4.) do you make your bed every day?

Absolutely not, but I have a lady who does it for me. I like my sheets pressed and steamed daily and nothing feels better than getting into a bed with clean, crisp, cool sheets at the end of a hard day. 


5. ) what’s your guilty pleasure

I don’t feel guilty about a damn thing I enjoy. I work hard so when it’s time to play, I go all in. I don’t do anything half way.

dina li

Dina L.png

Dina is in a place in her life where’s done enough settling. She’s got her dream job. And now, she wants to fall in love again. 

But not more than she wants to protect her happiness and peace.. She’s a straight shooter, loves her family, supports her people and shows up when it matters. 


Books she appears in


Main Character

The Daredevil

The Gathering


Secondary Character:

The Sound of Temptation


Q & A


1.) What’s your favorite part of the day

The morning, I like to be up before the sun and watch it rise. The sense of endless possibility is always present and I love it. 

2.) How has having parents from such different backgrounds made you see yourself and the world?

It’s made me realize that the only real borders are the ones we create for ourselves. Where we’re born doesn’t have to determine where we’ll end up of who we’ll be. 


3.) Do you believe you can have it “all”?

I do…just not all at the same time. 


4.) What’s something you used to do and wish you still did?

I played viola in middle school and wish I’d kept it up. 


5. ) What was your least favorite subject in school?

Math. I’m too fascinated with things that don’t make sense to enjoy anything that forces me to find symmetry and common denominators.

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