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carter bosch

Rock God by day, Lover by night, Carter is a heartthrob with an attitude. He’s musical prodigal with a loving, but dysfunctional family. He’s a romantic at heart, but his focus is on his career. He’s got big dream and they’re on the cusp of coming true. If he can get out of his own way. 


Books he appears in

The Sound of Temptation. 

The Temptation Trilogy

Q & A


1.) Who is your greatest muse?

Without question, Elisabeth Wolfe. I don’t know what it is, but when I look at her I see things I hadn’t even imagined before. She’s not just beautiful, she’s interesting, unique, brave, loving, and incredibly creative. She’s inspired all of my greatest hits. 


2.) Did you always want to be famous?

I grew up in a family where fame was a way of life. My family was on one of those reality shows that were popular when I was a kid. My dad was somewhat well known because of his career in television and we were a good looking family made up of people who aren’t afraid of confrontation. I was too young to be featured on the show and when I was old enough, it turned out not to be for me. The fame I’ve found with my music has far eclipsed that of my family’s, but that’s not why I wanted to be a performer. I love the rush of connecting with other people who love my music as much as I do. It’s the ultimate high. The fame part isn’t all bad, but it isn’t great. We’re as private as we can be while still doing our jobs. 


3.) What’s something about your family you wouldn’t change?

I don’t look anything like my siblings. That’s because I’m adopted/ But didn’t know until my parents had to tell me because kids at school started asking me why I looked so different from everyone else. I was five or six years old, and until the first time someone asked me, it wasn’t something I’d thought about. After that we moved to Brooklyn where families that looked like us weren’t so rare. It made things awkward but it's also taught me that family has nothing to do with blood. Which is comforting for people like Beth who are born into a family of maniacs. 


4.) do you remember your dreams?

My real, waking life is a dream. If I dream when I’m sleeping, I’ve never remembered a single one.


5. ) if you could record a duet with anyone, who would it be?

Roberta Flack. She’s got a voice made for singing and is one of my favorite song writers, too. She writes heartbreak like no one else.

Beth W_edited.png

elisabeth wolfe

Beth is an artist of rare vision and talent. Being in born in a small town in East Texas feels like being born in purgatory. She’s got her eye on big cities where she’s not forced to be an ornament who is expected to be seen and not heard. Her father rules her and everyone else in Winsome with an iron fist. Her life changes when she loses someone she loves and meets a man who sets her imagination and heart on fire. 


Books she appears in

Main character 

The Sound of Temptation 

The Temptation Trilogy


The Daredevil


1.) how did you discover that you could draw and paint?

I don’t remember how old I was exactly. I got my first drawing kit when I was five. It gave me so much freedom and a way to express myself when I couldn’t find the words or the courage to speak my truth. I drew and painted what I wanted the world to know about me. And made it so that only people who cared enough to really look at my art would understand it. There’s something very intimate about people connecting with art that is a reflection of your soul. When I started drawing people, the fragmented style I’m famous for wasn’t something I planned on.   I’ve always looked at people as the sum of their many parts and so it was natural for me to draw them that way.  


2.) what’s your favorite time of year?

Unequivocally summer. It’s too hot, but the lake we live on is shaded by trees and cool even at the hottest time of the day. The only thing that brings people who don’t live in Winsome to Winsome is vacationing on that lake. So, my existence goes from monotone to high def color. All the new faces are inspiration that can last me a whole year. 


3.) what’s something you love about your hometown? 

The first thing I thought of is the sign that says “Thanks for visiting, see you next time” right on the border of the town. It’s no secret that Winsome and I aren’t soul mates. My sister was the town’s golden child and I was…invisible. Which wasn’t a bad thing. I’m an introvert and prefer my own company to anyone else’s. All I’ve ever wanted was to have the wherewithal to leave. And all the time I spent alone gave me the space to daydream about what my life would be like when I finally left.  There are some glimmers of good I associate with Winsome.  I met my BFF for life, Dina and the love of my life there. So, while I wasn’t sad to leave, I’m glad  I was there when they arrived in Winsome.  

4.) what’s your pet peeve?


Small talk. Say something meaningful, or nothing at all. I hate unnecessary conversations.

5. ) what’s your favorite song? Why?

Between Now and Heartbreak by Blue Clover. Maybe I’m biased because he wrote it for me, but it’s the most beautiful song, sung by a man with the most beautiful voice I’ve ever heard. It’s a little sad, but also hopeful and drop dead romantic. It’ll always be my favorite.

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